Wild dogs kill pets in St. Mary's County

A pack of wild dogs is on the loose in the St. Inigoes community in St. Mary's County and has already killed two beloved pets.

The latest victim was Gizmo the dog and there is real fear for humans as well.

As many as five wild dogs are roaming a wooded area. While authorities try to track them down, they are telling residents to keep close watch over their pets and be on guard for their own safety as well.

While animal control officers set traps, Brian Corbin keeps close watch over Sugar. Saturday morning he let his other dog, Gizmo out. He never came home.

"I started looking for him and found him dead," Corbin says. "They tore his throat up pretty bad."

Those who have seen them describe them as large, ferocious animals.

"Some of them say they are pit mixes, some of them say they are shepherd mixes," says Leroy Owens, an Animal Control Officer,

Days before Gizmo was killed, and about a mile away, a pack of wild dogs killed a basset hound.

Now Michele Lepter also holds her puppy tight.

"We're afraid to even let our dogs out to do their normal business without supervising anymore," Lepter says. "We're afraid to even walk ourselves."

Animal control officers first learned of the killer dogs last summer. Since then they have trapped seven feral puppies and euthanized them.

But the adult, most dangerous dogs have eluded them.

"We're starting patrolling later in the evenings, maybe night patrols, but just catching up to them is the hard part," Owens says.

While the dogs continue to run free, some residents of the rural section of Saint Mary's County say they will live in fear.

Animal control officers believe these wild dogs are smart. They avoid the traps, sleep during the day and travel and hunt in the late night and early morning hours.