Wilbur the boar looking for a new home

Wilbur the boar.

Monday morning was anything but a bore for some Manassas residents. Deputy animal control officer Lyndon Hawkins found two hundred pound Wilbur the boar strolling down McGrath Road.

Hawkins quickly restrained the boar in a ditch on the side of the road. He says days like that are part of why he loves his job - it's a heck of a way to bring home the bacon.

“I was able to grab his back feet, get him off his feet, and once you get them on their side, they're not too tough,” Hawkins said.

Wilbur's temporary home is an animal shelter's educational farm for children. They have to keep him separate from two pot belly pigs kept at the farm because of his tusks, and he hasn't been neutered.

Wilbur's former owner lives just up the road from where Hawkins found him. She said the pig kept escaping and she didn't realize how much he'd grow so she had to surrender him to the county.

But now, Hawkins must find a home for his husky friend. So far, he has no takers. But other groups have joined in the search.

Hawkins just hopes Wilbur's future owner understands and appreciates him because while he may not be man's best friend, he sure does grow on you.

“When I first contained him he wasn’t happy to see me,” Hawkins says. “But now he's getting along with me just fine.”