Whole Foods: YouTube video about parking frustrations goes viral

It's a video that's gone viral. And it's all about the frustration over getting a parking space at a Whole Foods Market.

The fight for parking real estate in the tiny parking lots is what inspired the video that has become a YouTube sensation.

It seems everyone loves it, including Whole Foods management who say even they can't quit watching.

Getting real about getting a spot, a new rap video is poking fun at the parking lot showdown at Whole Foods. It comes from a hip-hop comedy group, Fog and Smog.

The video -- shot at a Whole Foods Market in Los Angeles -- has stormed the web with over 1.3 million views in just eight days.

The reason it's gone viral, shoppers say, is because it's true.

Calling it both hilarious and honest, Clarendon customers say it's the price they pay to pop in to the organic food mecca.

The death spiral -- the miserable maze -- the nicknames are endless from those in the crush of cars all vying for the few coveted spots.

To keep their supermarket sweep as pleasant as possible, some say they'll figure it out on foot.