Who is Dave Brat? Meet the man behind Cantor's historic upset

(CNN) - What was expected to be an uneventful primary in Virginia turned out to be a huge GOP upset.

A high-ranking member of the Republican congressional leadership will soon be out of a job, after losing the Republican primary to a Tea Party favorite.

The second-highest ranking member of the U.S. House of Representatives and a man many saw as potential speaker, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has lost his seat in Congress.

“Obviously, we came up short,” said Cantor.

It was a race many pundits thought Cantor couldn’t lose, but he did. In a low-turnout Republican primary, Tea Party favorite Dave Brat beat Cantor by more than 10 points.

"This is a miracle from God that just happened,” said Brat.

Brat won the Republican nomination despite being outspent nearly 10-to-1.

"There is just one reason, and that's because dollars do not vote; you do,” said Brat.

A relative unknown, Brat says Cantor’s campaign ads campaign ads actually helped raise his name recognition. Brat argued Cantor had lost touch with his constituents, focusing more on GOP donors in New York and California.

Executive Political Editor Mark Preston says Brat is now the show-in for the congressional seat.

"He is going to win in November. Democrats were hoping that Eric Cantor would run as a write-in candidate, would split the vote, then they could potentially pick up the seat. That's not going to happen. This is a very Republican seat,” said Preston.

Brat’s nomination pits him against a colleague, fellow Randolph-Macon college professor Jack Trammell, who accepted the Democratic nomination earlier this year.