White House suspends tours, upsets tourists

The gates of the White House are the closest Joann Weese and her group from Texas will get. The Fort Worth resident is visiting D.C. for the first time and was planning to go on a tour.

"Just last week, the guy that was doing our itinerary found out that it was gonna be closed, and we weren't gonna get to do it. We were very disappointed...," Weese recalled.

There was plenty of disappointment at the White House Monday. Nearly a week ago, the administration announced it was suspending tours until Sept.

Tour operator Orlando Chapa has had to adjust itineraries.

Chapa said, "You come this far, you want to get into the White House. It's so representative of the nation."

The White House says suspending tours saves $18,000 a week.

Monday, outspoken billionaire Donald Trump said he'll cover the costs of the tours for the rest of the fiscal year. There's been no response from the White House yet on his offer.

Caught in the middle of the battle are the tourists who expected to see the White House up close.

Student Zachary Turner, who was supposed to go on a White House tour, said of the cancellation, "That's the part that stinks."