Wet weather cancels kite festival again, but some persevere

Organizers of the annual Cherry Blossom Kite Festival decided the weather was too dangerous to hold the event on Sunday. The ground near the Washington Monument was saturated from days of rain and the wind was strong.

The festival had already been postponed because of the weather on Saturday.

But there was plenty of wind to fly a kite, so James Fletcher and Paul Dugard did just that.

"A day like today, even though everyone else stayed in the house, this is perfect for us," Fletcher says.

The gusty wind made it miserable for Donna Carter and her daughter Katelin.

"I was really looking forward to the kite festival," Carter says. "I brought my camera ready to take shots of some really nice cherry blossoms but they're not out yet."

The wet weather also canceled the Carnival de Oruro Parade near Shirlington. Equipment was in place for the parade Sunday but it was just too wet for a celebration.

At the Tidal Basin the cherry blossom trees remain bare. But there's hope that we won't be needing umbrellas much longer.

And warmer weather is on the horizon.