Western Maryland residents stock up before winter snow

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WJLA) -The first snowfall of 2014 began midday in Hagerstown. But before the first flakes fell, prepared residents made a run to get supplies.

"I've got my salt, I've got my shovels, I've got my scrapers ready. And whatever comes, let it be. It's out of my hands," said James Cain.

"Just time to get ready, I guess," said Home Depot shopper Dustin Estep. "You hear two to four inches, you never know. It's going to get nasty up in New England...but just get some salt and be ready."

Hagerstown was under a winter weather advisory, with an accumulation of up to four inches predicted for the area.

State Highway Administration crews have been loading up vehicles in anticipation of snow lasting into the night. Salt was also being sprinkled to make the evening commute safe for drivers.

"I don't like to drive in it at all," said Sandy West. "I prefer the sun. The 70-degree weather two weeks ago was great for me."

And local gas stations were packed with crowds at the pumps – an indication that people were getting ready for the pending storm. But at least one resident is ready.

"I have a John Deere 20-horsepower mower in the garage with a snowblower on the front, so if something happens I can just get rid of the snow quick," said George Hines.