West Springfield High school teen sexting case in court

Details were made public Thursday of a teen "sexting" case involving Fairfax high school students who allegedly made secret cell phone videos of themselves having sex with other teens.

The case involves three West Springfield High School students who were initially charged with possession and distribution of child pornography after they allegedly took cell phone video of themselves having consensual sex with several teen girls aged 14 to 17.

ABC7 typically does not name juvenile defendants if they are not charged as adults.

On Thursday, two of the teens accused pleaded guilty to unlawful filming. A third teen, however, went forward with a trial. He was convicted of two counts of unlawful filming but found not guilty on child porn charges and a third count of unlawful filming.{ }

He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 12.

“We had impaired judgment and we thought it was funny,” said the teen who did not plead guilty. “I suppose you could call it a prank.”

Defense attorney Rod Leffler argued both the boys and girls were involved in a culture of sex and alcohol shared on social media.

During testimony on Thursday, the girls involved said they had consensual sex but none agreed to be videotaped.

One of the girls was brought to tears on cross examination when asked if they knew the boys had earlier recorded themselves having sex. The girl replied she knew but made it clear she didn’t want to be filmed.