West Springfield High puts prom, senior activities on hold after senior prank

Students at West Springfield say the entire senior class shouldn't be punished for the actions of a few.

The West Springfield High School's principal has put a hold on all senior activities, including the senior prom, after a massive food fight in the school's cafeteria Thursday.

On Friday, Seniors at West Springfield High School were being interviewed by their school principal about the incident.

Several people suffered minor injuries during the fight. Witnesses say the prank turned chaotic when someone pulled a fire alarm.

“They threw chairs. Some teachers got hurt,” said student Amma Gurashi.

Officials call the fight a serious matter and say senior pranks will not be tolerated. All senior activities are on hold until an investigation is completed, the principal wrote in a letter sent home with students Thursday. That includes the senior picnic, senior trip to Hershey Park and the senior prom.

Students say it was a senior prank that got out of hand. They feel suspending senior activities for everyone is heavy-handed. Officials “shouldn't punish all the students,” said Betty Perrin, a student’s grandmother.

According to the principal's letter, some of the students involved in the fight could face criminal charges.

Many students feel it’s unfair to cancel prom and other activities based on what they call a "senior prank" that had been planned on Facebook.

“There's no point,” said student Batul Rizvi. “I just think our administration is going insane over the whole thing.”

A spokesperson for Fairfax County Schools said no decision will be made before Monday on

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