Wegmans hiring hundreds for new store in Germantown

(File photo)

Hundreds of people in Montgomery County will soon hear "you're hired" thanks to the new Wegmans moving into Germantown and bringing lots of new jobs with it.

This Wegmans, in Seneca Meadows Plaza, is making 600 new hires before its grand-opening in September. And 550 of the store's 600 employees will be local hires.

It's the first time the chain of family-owned food markets is making a home for itself in Montgomery County.

"We're confident food shopping in Montgomery County will never be the same after we open," says Phil Quattrini, the store manager.

Quattrini says Germantown was attractive for its high population of "foodie families."

But not everyone is singing the new store's praises. Some worry that in the process of creating new jobs, it could eliminate others.

"That means people are going to shop less in the other stores and if there's too many grocery stores, that means somebody is going to suffer from it," says Gisela H., a Montgomery County resident.

The new Wegmans has already filled most of its full-time staff. It's now recruiting 350 part-timers.

Job applicants can get more information on Wegmans hiring here.