Week one for D.C.'s new streetcar

D.C. streetcar opened on Saturday, Feb. 27. (ABC7 photo)

The long-awaited D.C. streetcar started service on Saturday, and was up and running for Monday's first commute.

James Wright was one of many who got on board the streetcar for its first full day of service. Wright, who works along H St., used the new transit option to get to work.

"It was clean and not many people were on it, and it was better than the bus right now," Wright said.

But many riders on Monday told ABC7 they just wanted to see what the hype was all about, and didn't plan to use it to commute.

"If I was going on the weekend from club, to club, to club I would use this," a woman along H St. said.

DDOT officials said it takes anywhere from 22 to 30 minutes to ride the 2-mile stretch.

But even if it's faster, many riders said the real question of cost remains.

"Maybe they should keep it free, and it will get a lot more use," a rider said.

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