Wayne Gilgeours detained for 1989 murder of Philbert Jones

A suspect in a 1989 Landover murder is now in custody after he was stopped for a minor traffic violation in Georgia.

Wayne Randolph Gilgeours, 46, is being held in Georgia pending extradition to Prince George’s County. He is charged with murdering 22-year-old Philbert Jones, who was shot to death in Landover.

Gilgeours fled Maryland and was on the lam for more than 20 years.

On Oct. 16, Gilgeours was stopped by a Georgia State Trooper. He gave the trooper a fake ID but the trooper believed it wasn’t real, police say.

Authorities then fingerprinted Gilgeours, which exposed his try identity, police say.

"We are pleased to close this case and provide closure for the victim's family so many years after they lost their loved one," said Captain George Nichols, Assistant Commander of the Criminal Investigation Division, in a prepared statement.