Wayne Clough to stay at Smithsonian

WASHINGTON (AP) - Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough says he's not leaving his post anytime soon at the world's largest museum complex.

After a meeting of the Smithsonian Board of Regents on Monday, Clough said he continues to enjoy the job and will continue in the chief executive role as long as the board approves. Board chairwoman France Cordova said the board is very pleased with his work.

Clough joined the Smithsonian in 2008 after serving as president of Georgia Tech. As he nears the five-year mark at the Smithsonian, Clough says he is not working under a specific contract term. When he was hired, the Smithsonian initially sought a five-year commitment.

Last year, the Smithsonian counted 30.3 million visitors, a 10-year high. It also raised $223 million to fund programs.