Water utility imposters stealing from P.G. County residents

CHILLUM, Md. (WJLA) -- Perhaps using the WSSC’s recent water main issues as inspiration, thieves claiming to be with the water company came to this block in Chillum on Tuesday.

A man with an official-looking ID convinced a senior citizen resident to let him in, saying that he needed to check out the water since there may be gas in it. While the resident was distracted by the imposter, a second bandit swiftly moved in.

It was after that the resident realized $80 was missing from her purse:

“The drawers were all open, my books were all knocked down. it was like it was ransacked they were looking for more money.

The victim asked that we not user her name or show her face. Tomorrow is her 80th birthday, and this was certainly not the president she was hoping to get.

“its hard to tell you how you feel when you are older and you have worked hard all your life and you've got a few bucks in your pocketbook you've been saving for a special purpose and has the unmitigated gall to come into your house and take it.”

Last week, a similar incident happened twice. In one case, someone claimed to be from Fairfax Water and distracted an elderly woman in her 70’s while another ransacked her home and swiped $250.

WSSC is now warning customers about the scam, encouraging them to double check that anyone coming to the door is actually who they say they are.