Bruce Yansen, Triadelphia Reservoir missing swimmer, feared drowned

A police helicopter is hovering over Triadelphia Reservoir.

Montgomery{ }County{ }dive teams will resume their search Monday for 21-year-old Bruce Yansen, who is presumed dead.

Yansen was swimming in Triadelphia Reservoir, near Brookeville, when he disappeared into the water around 5:30 Friday evening.

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission says the crews concentrated their search Sunday during the hours of the most favorable water temperatures and when boat traffic is reduced.

The search is now considered to be a recovery mission. But so far, there's no trace of Yansen. The search will resume on Monday.

"There's a lot of debris down there," says WSSC spokesman Jim Neustadt.

"By that I mean natural debris--rocks and limbs and tree trunks that are down there."

Divers say they have only four-to-five inches of visibility in a 4,200 acre search area. They'll resume the search Sunday morning.

Despite it's tranquil surface, experts say the reservoir, banned for swimmers, has a steep drop-off underwater, from four feet to depths of eighteen feet, without warning.

"There's like a shelf and it drops off," Neustadt says. "And when you've got a swimmer who perhaps isn't experienced or accomplished a swimmer--and suddenly they're taken by surprise walking off that little shelf."

WSSC recreation areas had been closed on Friday and Saturday during the search, but they reopened on Sunday and will be open again Monday.

Triadelphia Reservoir missing swimmer feared drowned

Bruce Yansen, 21, who went missing while swimming in the Triadelphia Reservoir near Brookeville on Friday, is feared dead after he went underwater and didn't resurface.

Rescue boats and Maryland State Police helicopters began searching for the man Friday and called it off that day on account of darkness.

WSSC says that their own police department, along with Howard County Fire and Rescue, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue and Montgomery County Police are combining to execute the search.

The friends said three of them went into the water together. When the 21-year-old went under, they said they tried to dive for him, but weren't successful. Both of them are in their 20s and said they come to the reservoir every weekend.

The friends told ABC7 Yansen was an upbeat young man and that he worked at a local organic farmer's market.

Authorities were called to the reservoir around 5:30 p.m. The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue swift water rescue team had been searching for the teenager since then. Howard County Fire Rescue boats and Maryland State Police helicopters are assisting in the search.

WSSC reminds people that swimming is not allowed in their reservoirs.