Water repairs close Adams Morgan bars, restaurants

Businesses had to close down early Monday night for repairs to water pipes. (File photo)

Bar and restaurant owners in a popular part of town were upset after they had to close down earlier than usual Monday night.

Many businesses along 18th Street in Adams Morgan were forced to close by nine o'clock, costing many of them thousands of dollars during the busy summer season.

The reason for the early night was a broken valve on a major underground water pipe several blocks away. D.C. Water wanted to fix the break last Thursday but businesses pleaded with them to hold off. Thursday is one of the busiest nights of the week here.

“I had an event planned last Thursday and it would have been very detrimental to my business, this way I can plan do something early knowing I have to close around 9,” Scott Auslanter said.

Business maybe slower on Monday nights, but the shutdown is still costly, business owners said.

“We usually close at midnight. We get busy around 8, 9, 10 p.m.,” said Elias Nontilla.

Surprised customers showed up to find their favorite bars and restaurants were closing. “We assumed they'd be open late tonight like they always are,” Laurel Wright said.

D.C. Water says the work had to be done and this was the best time to do it. Businesses are expected to be able to reopen Tuesday.