Water mains continue to rupture in District area

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Water mains continue to rupture in these bitter cold temperatures. Crews across the region are scrambling to repair dozens of shattered lines while motorists maneuver around all the construction.

But it isn’t only underground water lines that are taking a beating from this brutal weather – a burst water pipe in the attic of this D.C. condo building caused major problems.

On Wednesday, we found movers hauling out furniture, as it appears the damage from the broken line is so severe that the occupants of all these apartments won’t be coming home for a while:

"Everyone is okay, all the animals are okay, damage was unfortunate," said condo resident Joanna Calabrese.

A lot of people are also waking up to frozen water pipes – though some are luckier than others:

"Just suddenly, everything stopped working, but we went and investigated where the pipes underneath the house were -- the pipes run and nothing actually burst, it was just all frozen," explained Lauren Stafford.

It’s happening in older buildings and in newer structures as well. A broken line also left the lobby of this apartment building saturated. Because of so many shattered water lines, residents here are just supposed to keep their water on – trickling on a warm setting.

It's advised not to turn it on full blast, but if you turn it off completely, you run the risk of freezing your pipes.