Water restored to College Park neighborhood after water main break

Photo: Jay Korff/ABC7

Repairs have been completed to a 10-inch water main that came apart and flooded Rhode Island Avenue in College Park Wednesday night. Water has also been restored to all resident affected by the break.

This is the third water main to come apart in less than 48 hours. The others were in Potomac and Chevy Chase.

Rhode Island Avenue near Cherokee Street was turned into a giant makeshift drain for a ruptured water main Wednesday night. And 13-15 homes were without water.

Crews worked through the night to repair the break and patch the road.

So far in March, the WSSC says there have been about 50 water main breaks, caused by aging infrastructure and yo-yo weather.

The pipe broke at around 5:30 p.m. and water didn't stop flowing for hours.

Mary Handwerk's home sits closest to the break.

"My lord, it looks like it's right in front of my driveway where the break is," Handwerk says.

Handwerk, 77, wasn't worried about the water outside. Her fear was that she would have no water inside.

After a 60-inch pipe snapped Monday night in Chevy Chase, one northbound lane of Connecticut Avenue remained closed Wednesday night. Water restrictions have ended, but repairs are expected to last several more days.