Police search for 7-Eleven thieves

Montgomery County police are investigating a group of thieves at a Silver Spring 7-Eleven store that may be linked to a birthday party.

Police said about 50 teens and young adults rushed into the 7-Eleven in the 12000 block of Tech Road on Saturday night at about 11:20 p.m. The suspects are accused of stealing snacks and drinks.

When police arrived at the store, numerous people were seen in parking lots and streets near the store. The youths began leaving the area but police were able to stop six individuals, who had merchandise from 7-Eleven but couldn’t provide receipts for the items.

Police say the suspects may have been attending a birthday party in the area. A man who wanted to remain anonymous said a group of people was in the Columbia Towers neighborhood Saturday.{ }

He said he saw a crowd of people outside, something he described as out of the ordinary, but when asked if the crowd was rowdy he said they were not.

Police say they've received hundreds of tips since the video was released. They are working with Montgomery County schools to identify the people seen in the footage.

Teenagers and parents have spoken out against a proposed curfew for teenagers in Montgomery County.