Washington's new traffic cameras to start issuing fines Feb. 1

(WJLA) - After pushing back the date that nearly 100 new traffic cameras would start issuing fines instead of warnings, Metropolitan Police Department officials say those cameras will officially be online on Feb. 1.

The new cameras, which have already been deployed citywide, have been issuing warnings to violators since November. They ticket drivers for a variety of violations, including speeding, running red lights and stop signs and failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

A grace period was set to expire on Dec. 30, paving the way for those cameras, which are located in all four of D.C.'s quadrants, to start issuing fines and citations.

It was delayed, though, because MPD officials say that some equipment hadn't been issuing warnings for 30 days.

MPD spokesperson Gwendolyn Crump says that by Feb. 1, upwards of 300 cameras will be keeping an eye on drivers citywide.

The map below displays the location of each of the new cameras.