Washington Redskins' players take part in financial football program

The NFL season might be over, but the Washington Redskins are still playing the game in Bethesda.

But this is a high energy game of what is being called “Financial Football.” The 40-50 military men and women taking part in this event are learning how to manage your money after being away fighting wars and doing a lot moving.

"It wasn't until I was in the NFL that I owned a check book, learning how to budget a few years ago," says Redskins’ player London Fletcher.

These X's and O's of finance are helping not only students to be prepared but also guiding adults to better tackle their financial futures.

One video game incorporates lessons taught through “Practical Money Skills for Life,” a free award-winning money management program.

A big benefit for this Navy veteran and single father of two Michael Good.

"You don't want to be frivolous,” Good says. “Responsibility (starts) at home."

Navy Federal Credit Union and Visa are sponsoring the program. But Fletcher and Redskins’ player Alfred Morris are taking their helmets off and actually coaching the troops.

Morris, who is currently playing the educational online game with the group, still drives a 1991 Mazda. He says even when you have a lot of money, you still have to know how to budget it.