Washington Redskins facility on schedule

With “Hail to the Redskins” playing on an endless loop, the Washington Redskins top brass and Richmond leaders Monday showed off the $10 million facility expected to bring money to Richmond and new fans to the Redskins.

At Buzz and Ned's BBQ nearby the buzz is already growing. There was an employee wearing his love for the team on his arm with a tattoo and a patron, who's not a Redskins fan, planning to come to camp anyway. And some suburban Washington students say the distance wouldn't deter them from a road trip to Richmond.

Most of the space at the site has been allocated for this year. But the Redskins did allow for some future growth. One area will have fan access this year, with the hopes of building an indoor facility in the future.

The facility is on schedule - but there was a question of it being $800,000 over budget.

“That will be taken care of with private donations - the area for the park - so no taxpayer money will have to be used,” says Richmond Major Dwight Jones.

The city expects to bring in more than $8 million annually as 100,000 fans are expected for the three-week camp starting July 25.