Washington Redskins concerned heading into Sunday's game

The Redskins are trying to take a 'glass half full' approach - but after a 1-and-4 start - 'one-fifth full' is probably more like it.

“We’re much better than when I first got here, even though the record might not show it”, said Barry Cofield, now in his third season with the Redskins.

The Redskins have a laundry list of concerns heading into Sunday's game against the Bears. Take special teams - which was downright dreadful in Dallas. Special teams player Niles Paul conceded that “It was embarrassing. I’ve watched the film two or three times, just to see what went wrong.”

And then there is the Redskins offense - led of course by Robert Griffin III. It hasn’t been in sync – a far cry from what it showed last season.

“We’ve been here two years together. If we could do it the first year without knowing each other, we can do it the second year. We’ve got to make plays.”, said veteran wide receiver Santana Moss.

So here they are again: The Redskins - in a deep hole. Although there is a silver lining or two.

They rallied from a 3-and-6 mark last year and the rather pedestrian NFC East is still anybody's division.

Said wide receiver Pierre Garcon: “We’re trying to win. We’re always trying to win. If you see a guy that’s not trying to win, let us know, let the team know, and we’ll definitely look into it.”