Washington Monument scaffolding to start to come down Tuesday

The scaffolding has been up since March. Photo: Associated Press

(WJLA) - At long last, the scaffolding that has encased the Washington Monument for months will start to come down this week.

Work to repair the National Mall icon is finishing up more than two years after it was damaged in the 2011 Mid-Atlantic earthquake. On Tuesday workers will begin to disassemble the scaffolds that have been set up around the obelisk.

Hundreds of cracks were found in an inspection of the monument after the 2011 temblor, forcing the massive repair project that has spanned the majority of this year.

Deconstructing the scaffolding will take about three months. The monument had been lit up from within through the course of the construction; those lights have been shut off while the work continues.

National Park Service officials expect the Washington Monument to reopen this coming spring.