Washington Monument elevator issues leave visitors stuck at the top

(WJLA) - There’s drama high in the sky at the Washington Monument, where difficulties were so severe on Wednesday due to the elevator not working.

"We were at the top, they said they were having technical difficulties with the elevator [and that] we were going to have descend the 896 steps to the bottom," says George Mason University student Alexandra Hall.

While the walk down was hard and time-consuming, some visitors who had to walk down were glad the elevator had at least managed to make it to the top.

"I would have been panicked it we had been stuck in the elevator...Luckily we were stuck up there," says Dan Yocum.

Some of the younger people said that the walk was long and slow, but they managed to make it. Jane Bouyoukas, who is older than 80 years old, had a different experience:
"Oh God, I didn't know if I was going to make it or not."

Once she reached the ground, Bouyoukas was okay – except for her legs. She is glad her knees held up.

“Still there -- still working, I hope!" she laughs.

Meanwhile on the ground, a crowd had gathered, waiting as long as an hour-and-a-half to make the long-awaited trip up. And despite the problems with the elevator, some decided to go up anyway once it started again.

"The trip down, we got stuck. Up at the top we got stuck for five minutes or so while the elevator was repaired a second time," says Arlington resident Kathy Nadherny.

As the day progressed, the elevator appeared to work out its kinks. Still, some passengers decided they would skip the trip to the top altogether.

"That is terrible. How far is that? That is very far," said Denise Reyes.