Washington Examiner to stop 6-day-a-week publication

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Washington Examiner will stop publishing a six-day-a-week print newspaper and become a weekly magazine and online publication.

Denver-based Clarity Media Group, the paper's parent company, announced the change Tuesday. A company spokeswoman says the newspaper is laying off 87 employees as it eliminates coverage of local news, sports and entertainment. Thirty-eight staffers are being retained and the new publication will make at least 20 new hires.

The paper will continue to be published on weekdays and Sundays through June 14. The new product, which will include news, analysis, investigative reporting and commentary, will launch June 17.

The president of Clarity Media Group, Ryan McKibben, said in a statement that the company had conducted research and analysis over the past year and decided to re-position the paper to "meet demand."