Washington D.C. sports teams cursed, some say

Outside the Verizon Center Tuesday, fans are nursing another hockey hangover.

Last night, the Capitals lost to the New York Rangers, ending their chance this season for the Stanley Cup.

Another let-down after a great regular season. Or was it that great?

“This team wasn't as good as everybody thought down the stretch,” says Sky Kerstein, 106.7 caps reporter. “They were only a point better than the Rangers going in to the playoffs so it was a close match-up in the first place.”

They were good enough to make the playoffs but not advance - again. Fans say it's like we're cursed or something.

It's painful for D.C. sports fans like John Sneed.

“D.C. has some good talent, OK?. The Nationals, good talent. The capitals, good talent, Redskins good talent,” he says.

But they come up short. The Redskins last won a championship 21 years ago. It's been 35 years since D.C.'s only NBA title. It’s been nearly 90 for baseball and never for hockey.

“It is nice to make the playoffs but we want to take the next step now,” says D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray.

Gray is quick to point out the Kastles tennis team wins a lot and D.C. United has won the soccer championship four times since 1996.

“I think we're moving in the right direction also,” the mayor says. “I want to be as optimistic as I possibly can.”

So maybe it's not a curse. But still a tough pill to swallow for fans craving a championship - and for a mayor who'd love to lead the victory parade.

“I don't take a backseat to anybody in the terms of the quality of our teams here,” Gray says. “But having that championship no matter what sport it is, is always the ultimate bragging right.”