Washington D.C. Honest Tea experiment clocks 91 percent 'honesty rating'

(Photo: Flickr)

In a city noted for double-speak, government jargon and political posturing, D.C. residents can take some comfort in the fact that some in the city, at least ones that like tea, are pretty honest.

Tuesday's Honest Tea experiment in Washington D.C. concluded that residents of the District, at least ones that wanted tea in Dupont Circle, boast an impressive amount of conscience, but there's still a long way to go to catch up to "more honest" cities.

In the experiment, the beverage maker set up an unmanned pop-up store with bottles of Honest Tea available in 12 cities, including D.C., prompting passers-by to leave a dollar in the box on the honor system if they wanted a bottle.

In Washington, 91 percent of people paid up - a decrease of two percentage points from last year's Honest Tea experiment. Despite the reasonably high rate, D.C.'s honesty percentage ranked 10th out of the 12 cities involved.

"It was refreshing to see that most cities were in the 90 percent range," Honest Tea president Seth Goldman said.

Chicago came in with the highest rate of honesty at an astounding 99 percent. Boston, Seattle and Dallas checked in at 97 percent, while Atlanta, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, San Francisco and Miami all had higher honesty percentages than Washington.

D.C. only surpassed Los Angeles (88 percent) and New York (86 percent) in the rankings.

Honest Tea is donating all the money collected during the experiment to three non-profit organizations.