Washington Center for Aging Services plagued by problems, employees say

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Employees of a local nursing home say financial problems are affecting care.

The Washington Center for Aging Services on 18th Street in Northeast D.C. is home to dozens of senior citizens. And from the outside, it looks like a tranquil stately home for the aged.

But those on the inside say it's plagued by a web of issues.

Employees say the most pressing problem at the Washington Center for Aging Services, essentially a large nursing home, is money. They say administrators blame a problem with Medicaid reimbursement. Some workers here complain of late checks and raises which never materialize.

One woman says food service has struggled. She says lately it's become even more challenging.

“Some stuff they don't have,” she says. “They run out of stuff they have to substitute for stuff there is a lot going on. It's a lot.”

But the most troubling claim by employees comes from those in patient care. They say on occasion, they have run short on medical supplies.

Renoldo Spivey's mother died on Wednesday. He says he had concerns about her care.

She complained a lot about the food and service in her stay here and she was here for a while,” he says. “She is out of here now so I guess she is in a better place now.”

Stoddard Baptist runs the center. They say its groups receive 5-star ratings and that all nursing homes in D.C. are dealing with Medicaid issues.