Washington carjackings total four over past two weeks

Photo: Samuel Corum

A pair of men have been carjacking people in Northeast and Southeast Washington over the past two weeks, prompting authorities to urge drivers and residents to be on the lookout.

The carjackings have taken place between Aug. 28 and Sept. 12, MPD officials said Thursday. Three of the crimes have happened in Southeast, while the fourth happened near the city's border with Prince George's County in Northeast.

In each crime, detectives say the suspects purposely rear end the victim's vehicle. After the victim stops, one of the suspects steals the victims car. Three of the four carjacking attempts have been successful.

Authorities only have a vague description of the suspects. They're urging drivers to stay in your vehicle and lock your doors if you're rear ended before summoning police to assist you.

The carjackings and attempted carjackings have happened in the following locations:

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Metropolitan Police Department.