Washington Business Report - July 6, 2014

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - On this week's edition of the Washington Business Report:

The business of giving

President Obama announced last week he wants "all hands on deck" for a new form of investment called "impact investing."

"This model of investing to generate economic value as well as measurable environmental and social benefit is gaining traction across the country and around the world," the White House announced on its website.

To discuss the business of Philanthropy, Rebecca Cooper sat down with Tamara Copeland, President of Washington Regional Area Grantmakers, David Bowers, Vice President at Enterprise Community Partners and Patricia Mathews, President and CEO of the Northern Virginia Health Foundation.

Aging gracefully in the workplace

How does anyone running or working for a small business stay ahead of the curve when his or her co-workers are getting younger and younger?

The good news about being one of the oldest people in your workplace is all that experience.

The bad news? You risk getting stuck in a rut.

• Workplace coach Mary Abbajay explains some of the points seasoned workers should keep in mind:
• Stay current with technology
• Engage in "reverse mentoring"
• Exude energy and confidence
• Be flexible, not stuck in your ways

D.C.'s economy grabs headlines

Rob Terry, Managing Editor of Washington Business Journal and Jennifer Nycz-Conner, Assistant Managing Editor for Video join Rebecca Cooper to discuss the week's business news headlines.