Washington Animal Rescue League welcomes five dogs from Kuwait

The longest part of the journey is over for five rescue dogs that arrived Sunday in the D.C. area from Kuwait. And now, the search is on for good homes for the pets.

Flying into Dulles International Airport from halfway around the world can be trying for even the savviest of travelers. And the wait for passengers can be agonizing too, especially for Mary Jarvis. It's her job to literally save the lives of five crated visitors just in from the Arabian Peninsula.

In a unique international program, Hanna Rhodin Al-Mansour on Sunday night delivered five dogs from her shelter in Kuwait to their new home - the Washington Animal Rescue League where Jarvis works.

Once they arrived, ABC7 got to meet the stars, Jacky and Lilly, the spitzes. Maya, a sweet retriever mix who lost a leg in an accident. Bella, a playful, petite lab mix. And of course, we can't forget - Diego the Chihuahua. They greeted Virginia with the unabashed joy that comes with being a tail-wagger.

Seventeen hours may seem like a long flight, but for these canines that time is inconsequential because it means they have the chance to leave behind a life of uncertainty.

"I'm really excited," said Hanna Rhodin Al-Mansour. “It’ll be really nice to see what their lives will be like here in the U.S. and hopefully they’ll move on from the shelter.”

The dogs should be available for adoption in a week.