Warm weather brings some unwelcome guests

You may like this early spring weather, but you might not like what comes with it. Bugs. And plenty of them.

Just ask exterminators. They are being called out early and often due to the unseasonably warm weather.

“We didn't get a bad winter this winter so there's no freezing to kill anything so the numbers are going to be very bad this year with ants,” says Paul Hoffman, an exterminator.

Homeowner Jen Sergio agrees. As she plants some flowers, she notices this season is different than others. She says she’s seen more ants and bees. And even more gnats.

Warmer temperatures and standing water are perfect conditions for mosquitoes. It may seem early for them, but they're already out.

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At the same time, merchants who sell winter weather gear are feeling the sting of a virtually non-existent winter.

At Arlington's Cherrydale Hardware, a few shovels remain outside the store. But the ice melt is tucked away behind the charcoal or buried in a storage shed.

They only placed one order for snow shovels and salt this season in comparison to about 10 in a normal year. And even then, they didn't sell out.