Ward 8 home for juveniles sparks controversy

This building for troubled juveniles is sparking controversy in Ward 8.

There's a housing controversy brewing in D.C.'s Ward Eight.

A group home for juveniles was slated to open this month. But neighbors did not know about the plans and now some are upset about what they say is becoming a trend in their neighborhood.

A company called Seasons Therapeutic planned to lease a building as a group home for teens with behavioral problems, lodging eight girls in one house and eight boys in the other.

However, neighbors say the owner, Perry Dixon, said the building was for himself and his son.

ANC Commissioner Sandra Seegars said it's another example of group home dumping. She prevented a building the Peaceaholics tried to open and now she is trying to prevent this.

"Just trying to move in like a thief in the night more or less, just sneak in the next thing you know they're there and it's happening all over Ward 8," Seegars said.

Seegars scrutinized the building permit and found the building is likely a story taller than it is supposed to be and is trying to get the city to shut it down.

Seegars accuses Ward 8 Marion Barry of inviting group homes in. Barry says they must follow regulations, but says they're needed.

So far, Seegars has effectively tied up Dixon in red tape.