Ward 2 visitor parking restrictions going into place

Parking can pose a challenge in some district neighborhoods. But for visitors, it's getting a lot harder.

One side of the street in one Ward 2 neighborhood now is resident parking only 7 a.m. to midnight.

The new restriction comes as a surprise to some people. One lady who just got a ticket even though she thought she had parked legally.

“I don't know what you do when you are visiting someone from out of town,” she says.

Some people say they had no idea a new parking restriction went into effect a few days ago here. A new law gives advisory neighborhood commissions, made up of elected reps for a neighborhood, the option to impose residential parking only on one side of the street.

Not everyone supports the plan.

“So if I can only do it after midnight it's kind of inconvenient right and it costs a lot more,” says one person.

But in some close-in neighborhoods, suburbanites park and then walk into the city, occupying spaces for hours.

Alison Scimeca says a part of her life just got a lot easier.

“I think it's fantastic,” she says. “I get to come home at any point during the day and almost always find a spot in front of my house which is great.”