Wally Severino chains self to D.C. DMV in protest

Wally Severino chains himself to the DMV.

Wally Severino chained himself to the front door of the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles to make a point over what he calls a grave injustice.

Severino got a DUI back in 2002. He fought it and won. But when he recently renewed his license he got a surprise. The DMV maintains he owes a $98 fee for failing to properly fill out paperwork in 2002. Severino says he never got the paperwork.

“It's a fee they are assessing me for something I was declared innocent of a decade ago,” Severino says. “Over a decade ago! Are you hearing that Captain?”

Severino acknowledges he might get in worse trouble for this protest but he hopes it will actually help him in the long run. He says maybe a sympathetic judge will ask why and hear what he has to say.

With Severino cuffed to the front door it didn't take long for police to show up. Officers removed the cuffs and asked Severino to move on.

After police left an aggrieved Severino determined he had no choice but to re-cuff himself to the DMV. Even though officers told him if he did it again they would arrest him.

“Progress is being made whether it's good or bad I don't know,” Severino says.

The only thing for sure is that Severino will face a new offense stemming from his protest and probably even more fines. As far as the fee from the DMV as of now it still stands.