Walking with a purpose

There's never a dull moment around a certain group of women in Maryland.

Though you'd guess they've been friends forever, many of them just met in May when they started training together for the Susan G. Komen 60-mile walk for the cure.

“We have had many, many walks together, many talks, many tears, a lot of laughs,” said Angela Terrant, of Middleton, Md.

They're all walking for different reasons.

“My mom battled breast cancer at 83, my aunt battled it - my sister had it at 50 and battled again at 60,” said Nancy Maher, of Myersville, Md.

“Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and then my daughter was diagnosed last year,” said Penny Essex of Walkersville, Md.

“I'm a survivor- 2010 decided goals- one: lose weight get healthy. Two: to do walk,” said Jeanne Stambaugh.

Since then, Jeanne Stambaugh has lost 135 pounds.

Training partner Laurie Jo Neary is also a breast cancer survivor and is walking for her daughters' futures. She says her daughters are high risk and she wants to find a way that they won’t be in such a risk category.

All of the women raised thousands of dollars to help find a cure for breast cancer and in the process, formed lasting friendships.

And though they're walking for different teams this year, they plan to meet and walk across the finish line together.

“It's going to be breathtaking and it's going to be great,” said Laurie Jo Neary.