Walkersville school bus driver facing discipline after leaving kid on bus

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

WALKERSVILLE, Md. (AP/ABC7) - Frederick County public school officials say a bus driver who drove home last week with a sleeping 5-year-old girl on board is facing disciplinary action.

Spokeswoman Marita Loose told The Frederick News-Post on Wednesday that the driver was not on her route in Walkersville this week. Loose said she could not say when the driver will return to her route because the investigation is ongoing.

Kiki Myers says her daughter Kemiyah told her that she awoke in the parked bus outside the driver's home in the early afternoon last Tuesday. The girl said she went to the house and asked the driver to take her to school.

"Someone wasn't doing their job," Myers told ABC7 News. "We're just glad it didn't come to a situation where it was a pedophile and that Kimayah is home and no one got hurt."

Loose has said the bus driver failed to check the bus after her last stop to make sure it was empty.

The driver did drive Kemiyah to school after the incident, where she arrived 35-45 minutes late for her 1 p.m. pre-kindergarten class. But Myers says that she was not immediately notified of the incident.