Mattawoman Middle School student arrested for handgun possession

Police in Charles County are continuing their investigation into how a Mattawoman Middle School student obtained a gun and brought it to school Monday with what authorities say was the intention of selling it.

Police were stationed at the Waldorf campus on Tuesday, where police found the unloaded gun in a student’s locker Monday morning. What is unclear, is how long the gun had been there.

"Word got around that he wanted to sell it," said Charles Pointer, a parent of a student at the school.

As parents on Tuesday from both the middle school and the elementary school next door dropped off their children, they were hoping to get more details. Charles Pointer's daughter knows the 12 year old boy who was arrested.

Through a school tip line, police were told that the student not only carried the gun to school, but was intending to sell it after class.

"I don't really blame the children,” said Gabrielle Garver, a parent of a student at the school.

But, Garver says she isn't exactly surprised.

"I've had my own situation, with my son and bullying—13 year olds were speaking to adults it carrying this way,” Garver said.

Authorities say the student told the Sheriff's Office that he did in deed plan on selling the gun after he got off the bus. He was immediately taken out of the school and detained.

"Kids can sneak out stuff… Guns in the house and they don't even know it," said parent Crystal Williams.

School officials sent an email and a letter home with students explaining what happened.