Waldorf bank robbery suspect chased by Good Samaritan

WALDORF, Md. (WJLA) - A Good Samaritan helped track down a suspected thief in Waldorf Friday morning.

John Weyrich says a man on a motorcycle caught his attention immediately by carefully backing into a parking spot at the Capital One.

“It just didn’t seem right. People don’t take that time if they’re in a rush,” Weyrich says.

Weyrich{ }noticed the bike had a homemade paper license plate.

“I didn’t pay no mind, but when he walked in the bank and left his helmet on just out of the{ }corner of my mind didn’t feel it was right.”

Weyrich was at the bank to deliver birthday flowers to his wife, who is a teller. They were still chatting outside while the motorcyclist robbed the bank.

“He approached a clerk, displayed a knife, which was on the side of his hip, and then said 'You know what time it is? I want all the money in your bank,'" says Diane Richardson.

Weyrich saw the suspect leave the bank{ }and jump on the motorcyclce. When he heard a teller yell for help, he jumped into his car and started following the suspect.{ }

“I kept up with him for a good distance and then it got to a point where the speeds got outrageous,” he says.

By then, Sheriff’s deputies, guided by Weyrich, who stayed on the phone with the bank the whole time, had the robber surrounded.

The suspect, 45, eventually lost control of his motorcycle and flipped.

Back at the bank, customers finding the lobby closed because of the robbery said Weyrich did the right thing.

“The bad guys need to lose at least once. That’s the way I see it,” says one customer.