Waitress alleges beating at nightclub

A waitress at a D.C. club is preparing to sue the club after she says security guards didn’t properly protect her against customers’ attacks.

Jermia Kelley’s foot was cut and tendons damaged after she claims she was attacked and brutally beaten at her job.

Kelley is a waitress at the upscale Josephine nightclub in downtown D.C. She says a group of female customers beat her the night before Thanksgiving after one of them refused to pay a $1,200 bill.

“I turned around and she threw some punches at me,” Kelley claims. “They were kicking me with high heel shoes on and I was laying there on the floor in the fetal position,” she said.

One of those customers, she says, was an off-duty D.C. police officer.

Kelley says the club was packed over capacity and there weren't enough club security officers. To her, it took too long for someone to come to her aid.

A lawyer for the club disputed Kelley’s claim that it was overcrowded and said the club always has sufficient security on hand. An on-duty police officer was at the club but all parties in the altercation agreed not to press charges.

Kelley also says a D.C. alcohol beverage control officer was there and was aware of the altercation and overcrowding, but did not intervene. The Washington Post reports the ABC inspector was suspended for allegedly accepting four free bottles of vodka at the club that night.

Kelley's lawyer says he plans to file a lawsuit against the club, the D.C. government and the women who he says beat his client.

“I've worked at Josephines for three years, I never thought anything like this would happen to me at work,” Kelley said.