Wael Ali arrested in connection with twin brother's 2007 murder

Howard County Police have arrested the twin brother of a man who was killed in 2007 in Columbia in connection with his murder.

Police in Cobb County, Ga. arrested 23-year-old Wael Ali, who had been living in Marietta, Ga. Police allege he killed his twin brother, Wasel, when they were 19.

Wasel's body was found in a secluded area near Green Meadow Drive in Columbia on Aug. 27, 2007, five days after his brother and family reported him missing.

Police say that Wasel and Wael were last seen together on Aug. 22 on surveillance video at the mall in Columbia, where Wasel had been fired from his job at a retail store because he was supposedly stealing from the store. According to the store's manager, Wasel admitted to the thefts and implicated his brother.

They were last seen leaving the mall on the 22nd from opposite ends of the building, and Wael is seen on surveillance video driving away in his car while Wasel left on food. Half an hour later, Wael called a friend "in a panic" over his brother being missing.

Five days later, a citizen found Wasel's body on a dirt path about two miles away from the mall. Police say he died as the result of a neck injury.

"It was actually a little but scary cause we knew there were some problems at that house... The FBI came around and bashed the door in," said neighbor Brenda Cohen. "I'm very sorry about the whole thing. The whole neighborhood was suffering for a while."

On the same day Wasel was fired, Howard County Police served a search warrant at the Ali's home in Columbia in connection with an Aug. 17 case in Arlington. In that incident, both brothers were indicated for possession of a stolen handgun and impersonating police officers.