Volunteers are standing by at Dulles to be ready for revised travel ban

Volunteers are standing by at Dulles to be ready for revised travel ban. (ABC7)

Another week has come and gone without a revised travel ban from the White House, but an army of volunteers is standing by ready to help those entering the country.

More than 120 volunteers were trained this week, and immigration attorneys remain on the ground at Dulles International Airport amid growing concerns over President Trump's pending new executive order on immigration. The lawyers are helping residents, refugees, and visitors impacted by the first order, and those who may be affected by the new one.

"People are just afraid right now, people don't know what to expect," said Sarah Fink, an immigration attorney.

For more than a month, Baggage Claim 13 in the International Arrivals Terminal has become headquarters for the Dulles Justice Coalition. Volunteers are holding signs, and lawyers are offering free legal advice to help travelers navigate the President's first order, which banned travel from seven majority-Muslim countries.

"I honestly believe that these people belong here," said Molly Hartshorn, who is balancing a full-time job and also volunteering at the airport.

Hartshorn has been volunteering from the beginning when President Trump’s travel ban was put into place on Friday, January 27. That led to days of protests with people packing the terminal in strong opposition as immigrants were being detained.

President Trump's first order was then halted by a federal judge in early February, but Hartshorn said the questions keep coming at Dulles with a new order expected.

"There's still quite a bit of confusion, especially because this new executive order has been delayed," Hartshorn said. “People don’t know if they should buy a ticket right now, because they’re unsure if they’ll get through.”

According to reports, the President’s new executive order will likely come next week.

White House officials tell ABC News the new executive order will not include a blanket ban on citizens from Iraq, and when it's announced, the measures may not take effect immediately.

"We're certainly going to be here on the ground until the next executive order comes out, and we’ll see what the next steps should be," Fink said.

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