Vivint security system customers allegedly scammed by sales rep

Though it may be old-fashioned, many businesses still use door-to-door solicitation. But how much can you trust the sales rep?

Some local customers say they answered a knock on the door and signed up for a brand new security system, but then strange things started happening.

Donna and Horace Lassiter thought they got a deal of a lifetime with their new Vivint security system.

“A salesman came to the door to offer us what he said was a deal we couldn’t refuse,” said Donna Lassiter.

“He was so persuasive. ‘I’m going to give you this, I’m going to give you this,’” said Horace Lassiter.

After a hard sell, the Lassiters signed a contract thinking they were on the hook for only a $99 installation fee the first month. They gave the sales rep a $99 voided check.

But shortly after, almost double was automatically withdrawn from their bank account. They were totally misled.

They later received a notice stating their emergency point of contact gave permission for the extra amount.

Turns out the Lassiters’ neighbor, Anita Long, had the same two issues with the same sales rep.

“At first it seemed like a fluke or input error, but then she and I are talking and she had the same experience. I don’t feel comfortable,” said Long.

But after repeated calls to Vivint, both customers couldn’t get the answers they needed, so they reached out to 7 On Your Side.

After an internal investigation, Vivint officials told ABC7 they found the independent sales rep made several clerical errors. They released the follow statement:

“This particular ARM representative made several clerical mistakes and did not live up to Vivint’s award-winning customer service standards. As a result, this sales rep no longer represents our company. Vivint will work with both customers to fully resolve the issue. We have already cancelled one customer’s account and issued a full refund, and are in the process of doing so with the second customer. We apologize for the inconvenience they experienced, and remain committed to providing the best service possible to each and every customer.”

While door-to-door soliciting is part of its sales strategy, Vivint recommends customers do their research online, talk with other customers and ask lots of questions before signing a contract.

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