Visit Fairfax tourism goes digital

If you're getting on or off the metro, you might notice pictures of the founding fathers with QR codes over their mouths. Luke and Krista Pepin of San Diego noticed them right away.

“When I saw it I was like what is that,” question Krista. “I kind of wanted to see because it was a cool poster and I wanted to see what it was about.”

It's all part of a new “Visit Fairfax” tourism campaign that kicked off this month. County officials tout it as an innovative and unique way for tourists to learn about Fairfax County.

“With so many visitors coming to Washington, D.C. we wanted to do some kind of marketing that would break through the clutter,” explained Patrick Lennon, Marketing Director, ‘Visit Fairfax’. “So when they are riding the metro we wanted to have that hook - something a little different.”

When a person uses their smart phone to scan the barcode an audible video pops up with either Thomas Jefferson, George Washington or Ben Franklin giving a brief history lesson of Fairfax County. They share highlights around the area like Mount Vernon, Wolf Trap and Tysons Corner.

The campaign launched up and down the I-95 corridor in cities like New York and Philly. The signs will also be in our metro system to engage local residents to enjoy their own backyard.

This isn't the first time “Visit Fairfax” has gone mobile. They already have an app available for iPhones and androids.