Vishnu 'Kisan' Pandit memorial service on Thursday

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - He came to this country in search of a better life.

An immigrant from India who would ultimately follow his passion of being a marine engineer.

Vishnu Pandit, known by his friends as Kisan, was one of 12 people killed Monday at the Navy Yard when Aaron Alexis opened fire.

On Thursday, friends and family filed into a Rockville funeral home for a memorial service for the 61-year-old.

At times, the line was out the door and halfway down the block - all to see a man who was the father of two sons, a husband and a grandfather.

“Kisan was such a wonderful guy,” says Jeffrey Orner, a colleague. “A very competent professional and family man who cared about all the people around him in his life. For something like this to happen is really beyond belief.”

Pandit had worked at the Navy Yard for 30 years after earning a degree at the University of Michigan.

It is a difficult day for all who knew him.

“He was a great man,” says colleague Ed Fairbairn. “He was in the Indian Merchant Marines and I'm a fellow Merchant Mariner, so I have a connection. It's tough.”