Virginia Tech alum raise money for Sandy Hook victims

The massacre at Sandy Hook is what led to the talk over gun laws and tonight the families of the victims of another mass shooting came together to help the families ripped apart in Connecticut.

Immediately following the tragedy in Newtown, many people felt compelled to do something, but none more than those who know firsthand what it’s like to endure such a senseless act. Local Hokies did what they could for Sandy Hook Wednesday night.

“It’s a very rough recovery, but I think that coming out to this event just shows how much support that community is receiving,” says Natalie cruise.

The focus of this happy hour? Sandy Hook, and who better to organize an outpouring of support for the victims of the second deadliest school shooting in history than those who were witnesses to the worst.

“It instantly affected me and it did bring back a lot of emotions,” says Colleen Whalen.

Whalen watched in horror as the events of the Newtown massacre unfolded in December. Now, nearly a month later, her heart still hurts for the victims. Putting that sympathy into action, she turned Wednesday night’s Hokie Happy Hour into a fundraiser for the Sandy Hook victims. Donations of $10 were taken at the door and with it came the promise that Connecticut victims aren’t grieving alone.

“To think what we went through and then to think that it was young children just made it even worse,” says Jonathan Cruise. He’s of the dozens of Virginia Tech alum that made sure the fundraiser was all about paying the same support forward.

“Knowing that there are others that have experienced the same emotions, gone through the same tragedies that you have is helpful. It’s nice to know that others are keeping you in mind,” he says.

All the money raised will go to the Sandy Hook Support Fund.