Virginia tax-free holiday runs Aug. 3-5 for school supplies, clothes

Photo: Flickr/Nalini Prasanna

With children in Virginia heading back to school in just a few short weeks, the Commonwealth is giving parents their annual tax break.

One of Virginia's three tax-free holidays begins Friday, and it will allow parents to buy certain items at stores statewide without paying the standard sales tax. The tax holiday runs through Sunday.

During the three-day tax-free period, purchases of school supplies that sell for $20 or less per item and clothing/footwear that retails for $100 or less per item can be bought without paying the standard 5 percent sales tax.

Standard school supplies that are included in the holiday include crayons, pencils, backpacks, notebooks, paint, paper and textbooks. A litany of clothing and footwear items are also included. For the full list of items that can be bought tax-free, click here.

Computers are not eligible for tax-free status this weekend, but other digital media, including disks and CDs, are included.

The back-to-school tax holiday is the second of three Virginia will offer this year. No taxes will be charged on EnergyStar and WaterSense products between Oct. 5 and 8. Virginia also offers a hurricane preparedness holiday each year.

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