Virginia snow plows spin out of control

(WJLA) - The video of an Arlington County snow plow going in the wrong direction is making the rounds. Jason Berry says that when he saw the plow coming towards him, he had to swerve on a slick road in order to avoid a head-on collision.

"If my car just didn't grab a little bit of pavement, my car would have slid right into the blade," he explained.

Berry says it took a few seconds to realize what had just happened:

“There was a plow coming at me -- I couldn't believe it, veered the car left, the car slid out of control, I stopped, turned around and came after him, pulled out my phone because I thought, 'no one is going to believe me.'"

Meanwhile, a short distance away, another snow plow got into some trouble and somehow wound up teetering on a median on Arlington Boulevard. And problems on the roads only mounted as the day dragged on amid occasional flurries.

In Sterling, a car and box truck collided on Route 7. The truck left the road and rammed a power pole, the pole came down as did some live wires, and Route 7 remained closed in both directions while workers cleared the wires. Meanwhile, confused motorists tried to figure out alternative routes.

"I don't even know how you get to Leesburg from here -- I guess you have to go down 50 and all the way around," said Alex Kilanski.

And as night falls along Military Road in Arlington late Monday following a snow storm, neighbors are less worried about digging out than that now-infamous wrong-way plow driver caught on this very stretch of pavement.

ABC7 has confirmed with Arlington County officials that the plow driver got into an accident only hours after being caught, hitting a car at an intersection. He has since been assigned to other duties while his case is being investigated -- after which he could be disciplined.

His supervisor says that no one was injured in the accident, but that the plow truck driver appeared to be the one at fault.

After skidding out of the way to avoid being hit, Jason Berry says he quickly turned around to pursue the plow armed with his cell phone along with a play-by-play commentary:

"This is the most asinine thing I think I've ever seen and a great way to kill someone," Berry narrates in the video.