Virginia school bus ads proposed

Virginia State Senator Bryce Reeves from Spotsylvania County filed a bill for the upcoming General Assembly that would allow school districts across the state to sell advertising space on the side of school buses, buildings and other school property.

The money from bus ads would go towards school transportation while the money from ads on the outside of buildings would be used to maintain schools.

Under the proposed measure, the kinds of ads would be limited. Political, religious and age inappropriate advertisements would be prohibited.
School boards would also be able to regulate ad size and design.

Virginia wouldn't be the first state to do this. Nine states nationwide have measures allowing ads on school buses, including Utah, where one of the first was an anti-underage drinking billboard.

In Virginia, parents have mixed opinions about this proposed revenue source.

“Anything that generates revenue for the school I think is good as long as the ads they're promoting are good.,” says one parent.

But another disagrees.

“I think it's horrible,” says another parent. “I wouldn't want to see anything plastered on a school bus or a public school building.”